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School hallway with lockers featuring a Digital Trophy Case on the right hand side.


Select between dark or light mode. Click to enlarge image.

Elevate the look and feel of your Digital Trophy Case with our three unique themes: Montserrat for the Modern, Roboto Slab for the Bold, and Playfair for the Classic theme – allowing you to choose the perfect style to showcase your school’s achievements.”

Our display mode options give you the power to tailor the appearance of your trophy case with ease. Select between the sleek and modern dark mode or the classic and crisp light mode to showcase your school’s achievements in the perfect light.

Landing Page View

UI layout with an image of a green baseball field, vikings school mascot logo in the upper left hand corner. Three buttons across the midsection. QR code in lower left hand corner.

Upload two versions of your school’s logo for optimal brand recognition, with the option to include your school’s name in the bottom logo.

Include your school’s name in your own unique font if you don’t have a typeset logo.

Upload an image or video for the landing page background media.

Choose between a light or dark mode for your app to best fit your school’s style and brand.

Add up to 6 buttons on your landing page.

Features social media buttons at the bottom right for your school’s social media pages (perfect for mobile users).

Add a school website button for both kiosk and mobile versions.

Include a QR code that users can scan with their mobile device for easy access to the Digital Trophy Case. (With Online View Version Only)

Navigation View

UI layout featuring a Tigers school mascot logo in the upper left hand corner. Various buttons with different category options to choose from on them.

Same background media as the landing
page for consistency.

White overlay to keep content organized.

Encourages minimal navigation pages
for a better user experience.

No limit to the number of buttons you can add.

Breadcrumb feature to help you keep track of your location while navigating.

Experience your school’s proudest moments with a Digital Trophy Case!

Gallery View

UI layout featuring a Wolves school mascot logo along the left hand side with various statistics. Image of a football player in a blue jersey about to throw a football on the right hand side.

Option to include up to 10 images or videos for an immersive experience.

Customizable elements like logo, header, sub-headers, and body copy for context and meaning.

Personalize each piece of media with its own subtitle

Content on the left stays constant, ensuring your audience stays focused on your school’s message

List View

UI layout featuring a Tigers school mascot logo along the left hand side with various years to choose from. An image of graduating students in gowns on the right hand side with information running along the bottom.

Stylish and easy-to-use list page to view images and videos.

Ideal for yearbooks, class photos, and team photos.

Convenient button to link to a URL for directing visitors to your online yearbook.

Customizable content at the bottom of each list item for added context.

Ability to add one media item per list item.

Provides a stylish and engaging way to showcase your school’s media.

Record Book View

UI layout featuring a Wolves school mascot logo along the left hand side. Below features lists of different information from achievement records.

Perfect for displaying team and individual records with the ability to show 1-5 columns of information.

Easily sort the content by clicking on the header of the column you want to sort by – whether it’s by year, number, or name.

Equipped with a scroll function so you can effortlessly view all the information you need.

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