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Digital Trophy Case Highlights


Stay connected with your school’s latest updates and resources through
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Easily showcase your students’ achievements, accolades, and honors with our seamless and user-friendly platform, giving them a competitive edge.

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Effortlessly display your latest achievements on a sleek digital trophy case with our intuitive web tool and stand out from the competition.

Experience the ultimate in digital display design with our fresh, modern, and dynamic page layouts, innovative perspectives, and eye-catching arrangements that are sure to make your achievements stand out.

The Landing page is the first thing visitors see and with that, it’s an opportunity to make a great first impression. Showcase your school’s unique brand and personality by uploading engaging photos or videos of your athletic and academic victories. This not only helps build excitement and school pride, but it also provides valuable information to your audience while making a memorable impact on anyone who visits your school’s Digital Trophy Case.

UI layout with an image of a green baseball field, vikings school mascot logo in the upper left hand corner. Three buttons across the midsection. QR code in lower left hand corner.
UI interface featuring a Tigers school mascot logo in the upper left hand corner. Various buttons with different category options to choose from on them.

Take your school’s user experience to the next level with our beautifully designed Navigation Page. A sleek white overlay provides a seamless transition from the Landing Page while effectively organizing your school’s content into a user-friendly flow. Minimize clicks to deliver the best experience to your users. Plus, with no limit on the number of buttons you can add, you have the flexibility to showcase all of your school’s essential information. And don’t worry about getting lost – our innovative “breadcrumb” feature keeps track of every step, so you can always find your way back.

Transform your school’s media into an eye-catching visual experience with the gallery page. Showcase up to 10 images or videos of your school’s latest and greatest achievements from the past or present, along with the capability to add personalized subtitles to each piece of media to bring your school’s story to life. With constant content on the left, your audience can stay focused on your message, ensuring they get all the necessary details.

UI layout featuring a Wolves school mascot logo along the left hand side with various statistics. Image of a football player in a blue jersey about to throw a football on the right hand side.
UI layout featuring a Tigers school mascot logo along the left hand side with various years to choose from. An image of graduating students in gowns on the right hand side with information running along the bottom.

Introducing our list page view – a dynamic and immersive way to showcase your school’s accomplishments and media. It’s the perfect format to highlight your yearbooks, class photos, and team photos. Plus, we’ve added a convenient button that seamlessly links to a URL, which is excellent for directing visitors to your online yearbook. Our list page view lets you effortlessly toggle through an extended list of media, complete with customizable content at the bottom of each item, creating a truly captivating and engaging visual experience for your audience.

Elevate Your School’s Accomplishments with the Record Book! Quickly showcase your team and individual records with the ability to sort and organize your data by year, number, or name in a flash. With its sleek and intuitive design, the record book is perfect for displaying up to 5 columns of information. So whether you’re looking to highlight academic achievements, athletic successes, or both, the record book provides a visually engaging and easy-to-use way to present your school’s accomplishments to the world.

UI layout featuring a Wolves school mascot logo along the left hand side. Below features lists of different information from achievement records.
School hallway with lockers featuring a Digital Trophy Case on the right hand side.


Nanonation’s Digital Trophy Case complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, version 2.1. This means that the trophy case will be easy to access for users with any type of ability.

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